... a different break

Located in an atmosphere of calmnesss lost on the sea, between the spectacular sunsets in the Atlantic. Recognized by its excellence in Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, with the soft style of its service, a unique aquatic natural shell lighting, left on an ocean rest in the beds - couches of our chill out bar, under roofs of reeds of South-Africa, it is another form of relaxation.

Go barefoot from the beach to the tables of natural garden that separates the halls glazed, open or closed in the heat of the Sun, rain or wind, with a fireplace lit in the winter, in a space always transparent, a corner of tranquility nautical for groups or couples who tend to remember it.

LEnvironmental or instrumental music live, connects the Palm trees to the waves of the sea, the Sun and joins us to the more natural of us, the comfort of a life on vacation.